Alby Cricket Club was found back in 2015 by two friends Azam Khalil from Afghanistan & Aman khan from Pakistan.

Brief History of the club

They both met each other in 2003 in school. Azam Khalil started his hard ball cricket career in Sweden in 2003 when he started in same club with Aman khan in summer 2003. They both played together for many different clubs between 2003-2014. Both had very important roles in all clubs they played with. They both managed to organize many big tournaments for their clubs. The best part of them was when they both selected for National team for the first time in 2009 when Sweden toured to Greece to play in the ICC European division 5 50 overs in 2009. Between 2009-2012 they both played together for national team.

After 12 years of playing with different clubs, they both realized that there is no setup for youth. Focus was mainly on league matches in summer season and then nothing would happen afterwards. They both played as teenagers and there was no one to guide them or support them. Both had a vision to set a platform for the young generations. The only way to reach their goal and
vision was to start their own cricket club where they could take bold decisions and develop the sport they both loved more than anything else in their life. This why they decided to start their own club. Since they both lived in the area called Alby, so they named it Alby cricket club. This made more sense because they would be representing their own area. This is how Alby
cricket was founded by two best friends.